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Having new siding installed on the exterior of your house by a professional contractor can make it look like new and reduce or virtually eliminate expensive and time consuming maintenance. There are many different siding materials used today. Wood siding and trim allows for finer detail and the flexibility to change colors. However, the initial cost and maintenance costs are high. Cement boards and metal sidings are painted products which may last longer than wood, with less maintenance and initial cost than wood but as painted products, they may eventually need to be repainted.

Today, the more popular siding material choice is vinyl. There are many styles and colors of vinyl siding, as well as a wide variety of accessories to choose from. Trim details unique to your house, which are not available as an accessory, may be reproduced on site by a skilled applicator with custom formed, factory-finished aluminum. Close attention to those details is what makes the difference between an average siding project and a siding project that results in a beautiful home youíll be proud to live in.

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